Another Round of Academic Exchange with Hildesheim University

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On the afternoon of Oct, 13 th , the Dean of Music Department from German Hildesheim University , Marlene Clement with other 7 delegates arrived at ATC to conduct teaching activities within 5 days. From 14 th to 17 th , the German teachers implemented the 4-day instructional teaching, which was divided into three groups such as: music tempo, vocal skill and piano accompany. In the class, the German teachers kept strict teaching attitude, teaching through lively activities, interacting well with all the students. The students from Music Department of ATC were absorbed and amazed in the German teachers' instruction. The leading officials and teachers from Music Department in ATC also contributed a lot to this academic exchange. The students obtained much instruction about musical skills and appreciated exotic music styles within 5 days. All the above were achieved by German teachers' devotion and explanation, by the students' efficiency in questions and answers and by the cooperation of Music Department teachers, Volunteer student interpreters and staff of Foreign Affairs Department.

At 6:30pm, Oct.17 th , the students gave report performance in the Music Hall of ATC . The heads of different departments attended it, with all seats occupied in the Music Hall. In the concert, the trained students from Music Department demonstrated what they had learned from German teachers. The performance lasted about 2 hours, blending Chinese folk music with German ballads, which was great evidence that the trained students gained much progress and considerable benefits from the short-term training period.

The Music Hall burst into thunderous applause. The performance received widespread acclaim from the audience. After the concert, the teachers warmly appreciated the hospitality rendered by the students and faculty of ATC.

In recent years, ATC has established long and steady cooperative relation with Hildesheim University with increasing exchange between two sides. This visit promoted the cooperation and exchange between the two universities, laying a solid foundation for mutual development.

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